Me, myself and this little adventure called Uni.

You might have noticed that I've been very absent from the blogging world; this is because I lived. I lived and I played and I partied and I drank and I made lots of stupid and silly mistakes, I've danced beside lakes, sang my heart out at 3am and cried to my best friend over Uni.

I made a blog post about everything/everywhere I wanted to go and do in the 6 weeks off. The list is below so lets just see what I've actually achieved.
  • Go for a late night adventure to somewhere. Did it happen? Yeah I suppose, late night adventures to Kendal for a KFC and then finding a lake but getting lost and ending up a mountain. Adventures are the best when you text you friend and tell them you'll be 10 minutes.
  • Go camping. Did this happen? Did it heck! I'm so cringe I make myself feel sick.
  • Go on a date with Austin. Did this happen? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA NO.
  • Take Oscar to the zoo. Did this happen? No, but I still love and miss him more than anything in this world.
  • Dye my hair a bright colour. Did this happen? Yes, it did.
  • Have a family meal. Did this happen? Of course it did, saying goodbye to the people who have supported me for the past 19 years is heartbreaking. I just know I'm making them proud.
  • Get a tattoo. Did it happen? Much to my Dads disgust and a few other sarcastic comments, I did. I love my tattoo and I honestly couldn't give a shit what people think.
  • Take my Mam and Gran out. Did it happen? Last time I took my Gran out for the day I ended up in hospital, so no, it didn't.
  • Melt marshmallows on a fire. Did it happen? Of course it didn't Anna, you weirdo.
  • Learn how to cook. Did it happen? Well I'm still fat and haven't died yet, so I do know how to cook semi edible food.

I also have been loving a kind of hippy vibe recently, kimonos, flowy tops and blue shoes are my fave combo. These 3 items are from SimplyBe, I was in no way paid for this review, all opinion are my own and I was simply given these items to try out; by chance they have became my staple piece.

As you all know I love going out and most of all, I love a amazingly fitted going out tops. SimplyBe have made it their mission to make tops and other clothes which fit us 'bigger' (or curvier, whichever or whatever) ladies (and men!).

I chose a kimono because everyone knows I love flowy things- I find this one is really flattering on me. I also chose a plain white cami top which I've used and worn so many times for different occasions. The materials on both of these are really good. For a student who washes her clothes in a sink because I'm greedy with money, they wash surprisingly well! The last thing I got was some blue heels, I actually ordered these in cream but when they arrived they were blue which I'm glad about because they jazz up a plain outfit with a pop of colour!

I'm back into blogging, I'm back with my odd posts and nutella chats, happy week and my views of student life. I've missed you all. Now, time to get drunk!

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