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If you have clicked on this little page, it's probably because you want to know what we can offer you and how to contact us. Easy!

Here at Unicorns and Fairy Dust, we can offer a wide range of things.
  • Giveaways
  • Guest posts
  • Blog crawls
  • Products reviews
  • Paid advertisement
  • Paid sponsorship
  • Blog swaps
  • Brand ambassadorship 
  • Anything you like, contact me!
Now if that lovely list of goodness caught your attention you probably need/want to contact me. You can either fill out the contact form on the left side of the page (website usage only, sorry.) Or you can email me at . when emailing me please place the word BLOG in the subject bar, as I receive a lot of Emails per day and some can get out into spam. I aim to reply in 24 hours, please don't be upset if it's 25 hours, I do try my best. I work Mon-Fri on my blog so if you email me any other days please note that you won't receive a reply until the next working day.

Brands I have worked with.
  • Lush Cosmetics
  • The Body Shop
  • Netflix UK
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Dreamser2Doers
  • Umberto Giannini
  • Pink Clove plus size clothing.
  • M&S FOOD
I look forward to hearing from you.

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